Best Android phone for business

Android phones are cell phones that utilize Google’s Android operating system (OS). Samsung, Huawei, and Sony are just a few of the manufacturers of devices that run the Android operating system, even though Google created the specific system.

We’ll go into detail on utilizing Androids for business even if you may be familiar with Android phones in general. What are Android phones, and what benefits can they provide for your company? Which of the best gadgets are currently available? What are the different offers’ pricing points?

In order to assist you decide whether Android phones are appropriate for your company, we’ll address five crucial questions.

1. Android for business

Android phones include a number of key features and capabilities, including:

Customization – Since Android phones run on open-source software, changing the UI is simple and quick.
Affordability – Android phones come in a range of pricing points, from entry-level models to high-end gadgets.
Variety – There are many different brands that produce Android-compatible devices, thus there are many different manufacturers to pick from.

How does this affect businesses, then?

An Android-based operating system is more likely to provide you with the independence your business needs to run a certain sort of software on your business phone because of Android’s versatility in terms of customizing the UI.

Additionally, with Android Enterprise as an option, the programmer (or you, if you hold the necessary technical skills) may use the program’s features to incorporate Android into your company’s mobile management systems.

Costs are probably going to be a major worry for you whether your organization is just getting started or is now more established. For consumers seeking a cheap smartphone to companies with more money to spend on devices, there are Android smartphones available at all price points.

You may get a variety of devices from several vendors by selecting Android smartphones for your company. Along with the companies mentioned at the beginning of the article, additional well-known manufacturers include Sony, OnePlus, and companies that make devices like Nokia and Honor.

2. Best Androids

Do you want the greatest Android phone that money can buy? Or does your company require a useful tool at a reasonable cost? Perhaps you require specific qualities, such as a good camera or a long battery life.

Whatever your company’s needs are, we’ve done the study and picked three of the best Android phones; read on to learn more about our picks.

samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is frequently cited as one of the greatest business phones since it has all the features you could possibly want in a device.

This includes its storage and battery life, along with its size and pen, which contribute to the impression that it is more than a typical smartphone.

Key features

  • the 4,000 mAh battery
  • MicroSD card with 128GB or 512GB of capacity
  • method for cooling using water and carbon
  • AI performance optimizer
  • Bluetooth-enabled S Pen with Infinity Display
  • Samsung DeX supports desktop functionality with an HDMI adaptor, which is sold separately.
  • Available wireless charging (with additional equipment)
  • back and front cameras
  • 4K video capture
google pixel 3

Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 is a fantastic all-around smartphone that offers features and programs like Gmail and Google Maps that many company owners are already accustomed to using.

The Google Pixel 3 can assist you with a lot of your business’ needs when Google Assistant is triggered via speech or a squeeze. Along with personalized security protection, Google offers free and limitless online photo storage.

Key features

  • Dual-pixel 12.2 MP camera with the Top Shot mode for optium photos and Night Sight for images taken at night
  • Google Photos offers limitless photo storage.
  • Intelligent battery with rapid charging times, Wireless charging and Adaptive Battery functionality
  • Google Assistant, speech or squeeze activation
  • Use of a digital health feature to track phone usage
  • Titan M chip offers specialized security defense.
  • Android 9 Pie OS with a 5.5-inch display

OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is a great option for business owners searching for a low-cost smartphone, and in our opinion, it’s one of the best low-cost Android phones available right now.

With its 19:9 display and rapid load times, the OnePlus 6 is excellent for accomplishing tasks swiftly and simply. Additionally, it features a sleek design and high-quality camera features.

Key features

  • 16MP and 20MP dual cameras with optical image stabilization
  • Water, splash, and dust-resistant
  • OxygenOS Supports Bullets Wireless earphones for audio listening
  • 6.28-inch screen
  • 256 GB of space
  • 8GB maximum RAM
  • choices for face and fingerprint unlocking
  • connection through Bluetooth, NFC, and wifi.

3. Best Android deals

It’s time to pick a plan once you’ve determined which Android phone is suitable for your company. Here, we list the offers that caught our attention.

Sky – Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 with 128GB of storage is available through Sky for £40 per month on a 30-month commitment. Sky provides:

  • zero upfront payment
  • The monthly fee for the telephone and plan is £40.
  • The phone costs £30 per month.
  • £10 monthly for the program
  • The plan features unlimited calls, messages, and 8GB of data.
  • Customers of Sky TV can stream indefinitely.
  • With the Swap24 function, there is the option to upgrade your smartphone after 24 months, with a 30-month contract.

Carphone Warehouse, EE – Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 is available at The Carphone Warehouse with a 24-month contract for £36 per month with a £29.99 upfront fee on an EE network. What do you receive with this money, then?

  • data of 30 GB
  • Unlimited text and talk time
  • BT Sport and Apple Music for a minimum of three months on the UK’s fastest 4G network, the EE, for a minimum of six months.
  • 24-month agreement
  • £36 monthly
  • advance payment of £29.99

O2 – OnePlus 6

For £39.34 a month and a £30 down payment, O2 is offering the OnePlus 6 64GB. The scope of the 24-month contract includes:

Five gigabytes of data, unlimited calls, and messages
O2 network with a 24-month contract and 4G readiness; an upfront fee of £30

What will happen after that?

With a focus on the Android phones that are most appropriate for business usage, you now have a better grasp of the variety of Android phones that are readily accessible on the market. Along with spotlighting the discounts that caught our attention, we’ve analyzed some of the greatest Android smartphones.

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