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Nutribullet RX blender review: perfect for optimum nutrition extraction

Nutribullet RX blender ReviewsYou will see in the market many NutriBullet blender models. Nutribullet is a familiar blender manufacturer which provides a Nutribullet RX blender. 

This blender is made with an advanced technology feature that helps you to eat nutritional food. The machine power is mighty, so you can easily break the fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods by using this blender properly.

 If you want to purchase an intelligent and updated blender, you read this review and are impressed by its advantages and disadvantages.

Nutribullet Rx blender review

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender, Black
  • 1700 watt motor. The short cup is 30 ounce and the pitcher is 1 liter
  • Hands-free SMART technology
  • Single servings and family-sized servings
  • Heating cycle for soups & sauces

You would like to eat nutritious food for your good health. You do not know which blender is best and which blender has added the innovative hands-free technology with auto start or stop functionality. 

So, you choose the Nutribullet Rx blender because its machine has 1700 watts of power to transform ordinary food into superfood, silky smooth, soups, sauces, and more recipes. 

This blender is a powerful nutrition extractor that helps to get the highest nutrient from your eating food. You will notice this model has a short cup of 30 ounces and a one-liter capacity pitcher, which are perfect for your single servings and whole family servings. 

You lead a busy lifestyle, so you have to prepare the food quickly. As the solution to this problem, its heating function can make soups and sauces with your perfect nutrition in seconds. After utilizing the blender, you will clean them easily. 

For this, you use soap and water and keep the cups in the top rack. The blending cup of this blender is dishwasher safe, but its blades are not dishwasher safe. Read the Nutribullet Pro 1000 personal blender review. 

What’s in the box:

  • 30 oz short mug with lip
  • 45 oz oversized cup with pitcher lid. 
  • Souperblast pitcher
  • Nutribullet NB RX stay fresh resealable lids
  • Nutribullet RX blade.

Some advantages:

  • It has 1700 watt motor power with innovative hands-free technology.
  • The short cup capacity of the food is 30 ounces, and the pitcher is one liter.
  • Perfect sized for the single servings and family servings.
  • Heating cycle feature for soups and sauces.
  • The intelligent technology includes an auto start and stop functionality.
  • Easy for cleaning

Some disadvantages:

  • It does not allow for crushing ice. 

Technicals Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: NutriBullet
  • Item Dimensions: 15.16 x 15.16 x 13.11 inches.
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Price: $118.81
  • Motor power: 1700 watts
  • Cup and pitcher: 30-ounce short cup and one-liter pitcher.

Read the Nutribullet 600 vs. 900 blenders comparison review.

A quick comparison list of the NutriBullet RX with some similar blender:

Product  NutriBullet  NutriBullet Pro NutriBullet RX  NutriBullet Blender Combo
Perfect for  The first step towards healthy eating  Those with active lifestyle  Optimum nutrition extraction  Effortlessly switch between single-serve and full-sized blending 
Wattage  600 watt  900 watt  1700 watt  1200 watt 
Capacity  Up to 24 oz  Up to 32 oz  Up to 45 oz  Up to 64 oz 
Pulse Control  Not included  Not included  Not included  Yes 
Multiple speeds Not included  Not included  Not included  Yes 
Easy Twist Extractor Blade  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Heated Blending  Not included  Not included  Yes  Not included 
Recipe Book Included Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Price  $ 54.93  $ 79.70  $ 118.81 $ 114.99
Color  Gray  Champagne  Black  Dark Gray 
Dimensions  11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches 12.01 x 7.72 x 15.94 inches  15.16 x 15.16 x 13.11 inches  15.83 x 15.75 x 9.06 inches
Weight  5.51 Lbs 5.5 pounds 1.00 lbs  4 pounds 
Material  Stainless Steel, Plastic  Stainless steel Aluminum  Stainless steel, plastic 

Some features and descriptions about the Nutribullet RX blender:

Easy for use:

This Nutribullet RX blender is very easy to use, and it provides smoothie food prepared results. 

The powerful machine of this blender helps to make your baby food, nut butter, and hot drinks. So it includes a souperblast pitcher that allows you to create hot soups. 

SouperBlast pitcher:

The container design is perfect for making only hot soups that you do not get in other blenders. It is a good feature for this blender. 

So you can easily make your desired hot recipe, and its vented lid prevents the pressure for safety reasons.

Nutribullet Rx Extractor Blade:

The extractor blade is not dishwasher safe, so you have to use a cleaning brush when washing the edge. 

Before cleaning the blender, you have to remove the blade carefully not to cut your hand. 

Oversized Cup:

This 45 oz oversized Cup is very suitable for blending the smoothie food, and you can make the food for your whole family.

 You will like this blender cup because it comes with a pitcher lid for drip-free convenience. Read the Nutribullet Pro 900 Series Blender review.

30 oz Short Cup:

Its 30 oz Short Cup comes with a pitcher lid that is very convenient for handling. This Cup is perfect for yourself single-serving smoothie food.

Heating function:

To make the hot ingredients, it includes a heating function. This heating function is beneficial to make balanced meals with perfect nutrition.

So you can create your recipe in seconds within your busy day. With this blender, you can easily make soups and sauces. 

Easy to clean:

Without the blades of this blender, maximum parts are dishwasher-safe. So you clean this blender using soap and water. 


It gives a one-year limited warranty about their body parts and activity. 

Motor power:

It is equipped with 1700 watts of motor power, and there is a hand-free innovative technology with auto start/stop button functionality. 

You push on the button to break down the toughest ingredients for the silkies, smoothies, soups, and more.

Final thought:

This Nutribullet RX blender design is very compact for personal use. It comes with some convenient accessories that help smoothie baby food, soups, and sauces as nature’s prescription for optimum health; this blender is very worth making your preferable food. 

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