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The VPN provider VyprVPN is based in Switzerland. The service is created with the intention of assisting you in unblocking foreign websites and services. In addition, it makes it easier for you to maintain your online privacy, and it’s simple to customize to meet your needs. Additionally, as you will see below, it constantly urges you to explore a wide range of options and features.

The majority of the company’s 700 servers are located in the US and Europe. However, since they control every server, you don’t need to fear any privacy issues because everything works together well. Additionally, there is no data recording, so you may stay secure online without any problems. This alone will be very beneficial to you.


You may anticipate speeds between 20 – 55 Mbps while using VyprVPN. Depending on the server you’re on, this changes. Although speeds are slower than those of other VPN services, it is true. If you don’t want to utilize resource-intensive items, it’s still rather decent. Checking it out is absolutely worthwhile.

Ease of Use

Although the program is based on OpenVPN, several features have been added to make it more reliable and entertaining. The ability to open a VPN when using public Wi-Fi is another wonderful security feature, as is the presence of a kill device or toggle. That alone has the potential to be really significant.


VyprVPN has a somewhat hefty price tag. You’ll have to pay $12.95 a month for it. The monthly fee is only $3.75 if you choose the annual plan, though. It will cost $2.50 per month if you sign up for two years. So it’s clear why they advise you to attend every year; if you want ongoing protection, that alone may be a really positive experience. Although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t a trial version to check out the service and see how it performs.


The VyprVPN support team offers a comprehensive step-by-step written instruction based help manual that explains how to set up your VyprVPN. They provide a web-based chat system you may utilize if none of their in-depth instructions can help you locate the solution you’re looking for.


Although the speeds might be increased, we were pleased with VyprVPN’s performance. Another issue for some individuals is the absence of support for cryptocurrencies while making payments. Overall, it’s wise to take your time and keep your attention on providing the finest value and experience possible. It’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into; if you do it appropriately, nothing is impossibly difficult, and the process will leave you extremely satisfied. The wise course of action is to focus on the long term, and you will be pleased with their performance.

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