Customized software for small businesses

As a long-term investment, it’s critical to pick a system that can effectively and efficiently tackle the unique issues your start-up must deal with while also providing a commensurate return on the significant investment you’re going to make.

Although a wide variety of commercial software is available, these products frequently fall short of fulfilling the unique needs of your company.

In fact, buying off-the-shelf software might result in you paying for numerous capabilities your organization simply doesn’t require, with this idle technology costing you more than just money because of its “one-size-fits-all” nature.

Due to this and their propensity for innovation and adaptability, start-ups have started hiring software firms to develop custom software for them more recently.

What is bespoke software?

Bespoke software is special software that is built just for your company, similar to how custom clothing is made.

Many of the compromises seen in ‘off the shelf’ software are removed during the creation stage, guaranteeing that your software is a perfect fit for your company’s needs and that you won’t be paying for any extras.

When purchasing customized software solutions, you can also make sure the program is based on your present working procedures. This should cut down on staff training requirements and facilitate easy adaptation for all users.

Because the nature of your firm is expected to vary over the next several years, customized software may be created to develop alongside your business, building on your original investment rather than having to start from scratch.

Because tailored software automates the most repetitive operations workers must repeatedly perform, they need less supervision, are more effective, and make fewer mistakes.

Bespoke software examples

Now that you are clear on what custom software is, you may consider the precise purposes for which you might utilize it.

Fill out the form at the top of the page to get a free estimate from some of the top software businesses in the UK if you’ve already identified a process or job that your company does that might benefit from customised software solutions.

Otherwise, look at these illustrations of customized software:

Software for managing client relationships (CRM) specifically for you

CRM software is essential for businesses to guarantee they keep their customers pleased and coming back for more since it is actually more expensive to recruit new consumers than to maintain existing ones, who will be considerably more valuable over time.

It should come as no surprise that so many startups use customized CRM software.

Monitoring marketing campaigns, providing customer care, tracking connections and clients, as well as seeing trends and patterns, and acting on them, are some of the most frequent aspects of CRM software.

A dashboard and numerous reporting and analytics solutions that are often included in a CRM platform assist business owners in keeping track of all activity on their website, social media accounts, and marketing channels.

individual e-commerce software

E-commerce software assists new businesses in integrating an online shop into their private website so they may sell their goods and services online.

Popular e-commerce systems include those from Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magneto, and WixStores, which all provide a variety of packages. If, however, a company needs a far more specialized set of features, software developers may design a custom platform just for them.

Personalized content management systems (CMS)

Businesses utilize a content management system (CMS), which is a software program, to develop and manage digital content.

Although features might differ across different CMS options, search and retrieval, indexing, revision control, format management, and publishing are frequently thought of as fundamental tasks.

Examples of CMS systems that are readily available are HubSpot, Squarespace, Drupal, and WordPress.

Customized automatic invoicing software

Businesses may pay, receive payment, and handle payments with automated invoicing software without getting buried by a pile of paper bills.

Printing targeted text and graphics on the front or back of invoices, statements, credit notes, product return notes, delivery notes, and other documents can help with corporate branding.

How much does bespoke software cost?

Because bespoke software creation might take anything from a few weeks to many months or even years, it is unfortunate that questioning how much bespoke software may cost is like asking how long a length of string is.

To obtain an accurate estimate from a variety of vendors, simply fill out the web form at the top of the page.

We’ve included a few examples of customized software solutions below, along with a rough estimate of how much they may cost:

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SizePossible featuresEstimated price
Small tech projectSimple wireframe prototypes, short pieces of interactive e-learning content£2,500 – £10,000
Small web or mobile appBespoke CRM solution with a small number of users with just one or two different user roles£10,000 – £50,000.
Large web or mobile appBespoke app with two or three different user roles, multiple users and more complex business workflow with built-in custom reporting£50,000 – £150,000.
Large multi-phase web appA multi-function system, with CRM, extensive reporting, complex business workflow, multiple different user roles and potentially hundreds of registered users£150,000 – £300,000

Signs your small business may need bespoke software

After learning more about custom software, including what it is, how to use it, and how much it can cost you, you should determine whether your company genuinely need bespoke software solutions.

Do any of the following symptoms ring a bell? To contact some of the greatest suppliers in the UK, fill out the web form website form at the head of the page.

Post-it notes cover every surface in your office: Using manual solutions, like post-it notes or real noticeboards, may seem convenient at the moment, but they frequently lead to communication breakdowns, a lot of ambiguity, and inconsistent behavior throughout your company. Observe that duties are being completed by staff members more slowly than they should be? Then you require a custom software program.

Your employees don’t utilize current software: Nothing is more annoying than costly technology sitting unused, and if existing software has a low employee adoption rate, that’s a solid indication it’s not user-friendly or functional.

Your sales procedure is unsupported: Off-the-shelf CRM solutions may occasionally not interface completely with your sales process, making it impossible for you to fulfill customers that have more specialized needs.

For the same task, you employ various pieces of software: The capacity to develop a “Ronseal product,” or anything that performs exactly what it says on the box, is a benefit of customized software. Lack of customization in off-the-shelf software might force you to use multiple distinct pieces of technology for the same task, leading to various discrepancies.

You wish to switch software, however, the conversion procedure is challenging: When you decide to switch software providers, the migration process might be a genuine pain, particularly if the two rivals don’t provide a seamless transition time or integration method. In this situation, a software developer can create an engine that automatically translates the data for you.

You run a firm with rapid growth: Software that is purchased off the market could not be as adaptable or scalable as bespoke software. So, if you’re a fast-growing company looking to double in size in the next few years, typical software may not be able to keep up.

You want to brand your business on as many platforms as you can: Custom software solutions provide your start-up with a variety of interesting alternatives if business branding and marketing are top priorities. Make sure the dashboard is appropriately designed with your company’s brand in addition to making the technology one of your USPs (for instance, if you own a restaurant, you may have table-side POS systems).

You think license costs are too high: Off-the-shelf software license costs can be quite high, thus bespoke software may end up being less expensive in the long run.

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