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We were really satisfied with LastPass since it is user-friendly, dependable, and available to everyone thanks to its freemium business model. By having the browser add-on auto-fill your passwords, you may visit websites without having to bother about logging into LastPass each time. This will save you a ton of time.

LastPass is simple to use and functions well on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Additionally, you may benefit from top-notch online security by using the beautifully designed LastPass Application on your tablet or smartphone.

In this LastPass evaluation, we’ll address all of your inquiries about the service (including advantages and disadvantages and actual user reviews) to enable you to determine whether LastPass is the right fit for you.

If you’d want to use LastPass, you might be interested to hear that you can do so without making a commitment during their 14-day free trial.

Pros and Cons

✔ Ultra-affordable
✔ Practical browser add-on
✔ Identifies weak passwords
✔ Functions with most gadgets


✘ The strange (very unusual) connection blip
✘ Changing passwords may be tiresome.

Main pros: user-friendly and reasonably priced

One of the most affordable password managers available, LastPass is also one of the most user-friendly.

Forget about attempting to keep track of all your internet passwords. Right now, your LastPass master password is all you need. No one (not even LastPass itself) can access your LastPass data since it is all encrypted. But you can access whatever information you require with only your one master password.

You can quickly organize all of your saved information into folders for easier access, and the autofill feature will help you fill out web forms faster.

lastpass autofill

Main cons: It may be finicky and very unusual.

LastPass offers a great deal of value for very little money, but it has a few drawbacks.

Although LastPass offers superb, enhanced security, you can still be required to input your master password each time you visit a login page. Having said that, you may simply modify this to a default autofill login, and some users would even want this additional security padding for a choice.

Additionally, password organizers like Dashlane can be a little less troublesome if you ever want to change all of your passwords. Unlike LastPass, which updates many passwords automatically, you would have to change each one individually.

Of course, you won’t see something like this very frequently; as you can see, we’re just being picky in our search for LastPass’ drawbacks.

LastPass vs Dashlane

Choose LastPass if you seek excellent value for money.

The two finest password managers available are LastPass and Dashlane since they are both user-friendly, reliable, and secure. But if money is a major consideration for you, LastPass is the clear victor because its price is almost half that of Dashlane.

Despite this, Dashlane offers superior assistance (including a live chat feature) and its user-friendly interface can help you save time if you ever get lost.

Whichever platform you decide on, we believe you’ll be delighted with it.

LastPass pricing

Everyone is taken care of by freemium pricing.

LastPass has a freemium business model to make its technology more widely available. Basic password management capabilities are all available for free, however, LastPass Premium is required for more sophisticated features including Urgent Access and One-to-Many sharing.

The Free LastPass

The Free version will be adequate for you if all you want to do is save your encrypted notes and passwords on a single device.

But in practice, many of us find it difficult to decide between our laptop and our smartphone because we’re equally likely to require quick password access on both.

LastPass Premium will suit you better if that describes your situation better.

£1.50 per month for LastPass Premium

Full access is available for a little monthly subscription of about £1.50 ($2), which is less than half of what Dashlane charges. Additionally, LastPass charges a yearly fee of around £18 ($24), similar to the majority of password managers. Due to the ease of conversion from dollars, we just say “around”.

LastPass Enterprise: per user costs $22.

LastPass Enterprise was created for small business owners that wish to implement password management across their whole staff (or family).

Your LastPass account may hold up to 50 users, and the cost is £1.80 per person each month (or $22 ($29) per year).

Businesses that wish to safely and easily exchange login information must use password managers. The two most common subscription programs for proprietors of small businesses are as follows:

lastpass prices

LastPass user ratings

Startups rating
★★★★★ (4.7)Features ★★★★★ (4.5)
Ease of use ★★★★★ (5)
Performance ★★★★★ (5)Flexibility ★★★★★ (4.5)
Customer support ★★★★★ (4)
Value ★★★★★ (5)

LastPass features

Password management is secure and simple with LastPass.

In terms of keeping track of all your private info online, LastPass has actually thought of everything. Here are the top five things that most pleased us and would greatly simplify your life:

Modular Data Storage

You are not limited to only using LastPass to save your passwords. Here are just a few of the several pieces of information you might want to save there for future reference:

  1. Passwords
  2. Payment details
  3. Licence codes
  4. Secure notes
lastpass saved sites

Auto-fill for password

The next time you visit a site, LastPass will autofill all those time-consuming fields once you have stored your login information with a single click. If you share the machine and would want a little bit more privacy, you may configure it to just ask you to provide your master password.

Browser Extension for LastPass

Whenever you need it, LastPass will automatically appear on your screen thanks to the browser extension, which keeps it running in the background. This indicates that it can assist you online in a variety of ways:

  • Every time you visit a website, giving you quick access to your passwords
  • Any new passwords you establish online are saved (without your explicit intervention)
  • Identifying risky passwords and automatically creating secure ones
  • Detecting any duplicate passwords and providing the chance to update them
  • Giving advice on how to always establish secure passwords

Password generator for LastPass

One of the main advantages of utilizing password managers is the ability to create passwords that are particularly secure, and changing your passwords frequently is a smart idea for online security.

This would be a difficult request for any of us to make without LastPass, but it merely requires a few clicks from the LastPass Vault. To ensure that the record is updated on the website and available for you the following time you come, just access the record and press the Auto-Change Password link.

Emergency Entry

Some individuals find comfort in knowing that all of their important data is saved on LastPass and that there is an additional backup in case they ever need it.

The Emergency Access tool can be used in this situation. If you’d like, you may choose a trusted person to access your account in the event that you’re no longer able to log in. Simply provide LastPass with the user’s email address and select a waiting period (for example, 48 hours). During that time, you have the option to decline the request for access out of an abundance of caution.

Final verdict

The password manager that costs the least

To put it simply, LastPass is a fantastic tool for managing passwords. It has hard-to-beat pricing, is secure, and is simple to use regardless of the device you’re using.

While LastPass gives the greatest value for money and all you need to keep all of your passwords safely secured and available when you need them, Dashlane just barely edges it out in terms of usability (with automated password updates).

You may start using LastPass now and for nothing if you want to.

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