IPVanish VPN Review

In the United States, IPVanish offers a variety of services that make it appealing to its customers.

Since its inception in 2012, IPVanish has steadily added capabilities that are exclusive to them.

IPVanish offers over 40,000 shared IP addresses as well as 1,300 P2P-friendly servers. These 1,300+ servers are accessible from more than 75 different locations.

Rather than renting out hardware, the firm administers the service from its own servers. One such service is unavailable from other service provider businesses. In a nutshell, IPVanish is a reputable service provider with superior security, responsive customer care, and reasonable pricing.

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For improved user service, IPVanish is constantly enhancing the service. On the other hand, unlike other VPN services, here you may connect up to 10 devices at once. In addition, IPVanish offers the following features:


IPVanish offers stringent policies and a dependable system in place to safeguard your privacy. It does, however, support extremely secure protocols with the widely used AES-256 encryption. The IPVanish applications significantly increase control over Open-VPN configuration, which is unique. To reduce the likelihood of a privacy violation, the window client provides a kill switch. Above all, you may test the service’s breaches through sites such as IP breaches and DNS leak test.


The tests conducted in the Netherlands and England had excellent findings. On the other hand, the speed was higher than usual and ranged from 69 Mbps to 75 Mbps. Above all, the speed in the USA was approximately 220Mbps, which is more than sufficient for the majority of applications.

percentage of download speed: 66.2%
percentage of upload speed: 52.5%
proportion of latency: 62.4%

Ease of Use

On a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and Fire TV, IPVanish operates without a hitch. You may easily obtain it for Chrome, Firefox, Chromebooks, Linux, and other systems besides these, and you will always see a quick connect screen.

The app’s user interface is clear and information-rich. The app’s UI displays scrolling graphs of connection speed. In a nutshell, it’s appropriate for those looking for a quick and simple setup. In under five minutes, you can set up a VPN and register an account. The software features comprehensive installation instructions and requires few settings to operate. In summary, IPVanish is incredibly lightweight, making it a great choice for older computers.

Functions flawlessly with Netflix
thirty days of money back
Users may download torrents during their 7-day free trial period, which comes with 250GB of encrypted cloud storage when they join up via the IPVanish iOS app.


The three IPVanish service pricing tiers all have the same features. So, you have the option to purchase the membership using PayPal, credit cards, or bitcoins. One, three, and twelve months are the maximum subscription terms, depending on the plan. An excellent way to test out a service is with a one-month membership, which is more flexible. But when you buy annual plans, you might get savings of up to 46%.


Live chat assistance and a help section are accessible around-the-clock. However, using the live chat feature is the quickest method to contact us.


Providing dependable security and speed, IPVanish is a simple-to-use VPN service.

This is the VPN software to choose if you’re looking for something quick and easy. It is simple to use on a computer, phone, tablet, or older device. In order to utilize an infinite number of devices, benefit from flexible options and alluring savings.

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