Best budget laptops

We’ve found the finest value Windows 10 laptops, as recommended by astute small company owners, whether you’re searching for a cheap laptop to do your daily work and personal chores or a powerful machine for a guilt-free price.

If you’re into your MacBooks, we’re afraid you won’t find any here. We just can’t argue that Apple delivers value for money, stylish as they are to use, given that the majority of models cost well into the four figures.

Therefore, we discovered some excellent alternatives from the greatest laptop manufacturers for professionals searching for outstanding value for money. We are now saving our customers money by locating the best laptop offers from reputable vendors.

Best laptops for less than £500

HP Pavilion 14-bk052sa (14” Notebook)

✔ Fast processing
✔ Long battery life
✔ Excellent value for the money

✘ The quality of the screen might be better

How well does the HP Pavilion 14-bk052sa operate?

Thanks to its seventh-generation Intel i3 CPU and ample 8GB of RAM, the HP Pavilion 14-bk052sa is a handy compact computer that boots up in only 8 seconds.

The keyboard is easy to use, and with a battery life of 10 hours, you can focus on your job rather than plug searching.

How do the specifications look?

The sound is amazing for the price range, and the battery is difficult to beat. You’ll hard to find a screen under £500 for graphic-intensive design work, but this one is perfect for Word, Excel, emails, online surfing, etc.

Can I use it?

For owners of small businesses, the HP Pavilion 14-bk052sa is a fantastic bargain laptop. The quick CPU and unbeatable battery life are perfect for simple daily office use, so long as you don’t spend your days working in Photoshop.

Acer Swift 1 (13.3” Notebook)

✔ Excellent pricing
✔ Excellent battery life
✔ User-friendly

✘ There is not much storage
✘ Only two USBs

How is using the Acer Swift 1?

Acer’s Swift 1 laptop has excellent usability. We won’t sugarcoat it: This doesn’t feel like a premium-built gadget, but that’s because it costs about half as much as you might anticipate for the specifications.

The touchpad might be a little slicker, but the keyboard is comfortable to use. Although the screen is ideal for office administration, this laptop isn’t made for watching HD+ films or for video editing.

How do the specifications look?

This laptop’s Intel Pentium CPU and 4GB of RAM were not meant to run a lot of demanding programs simultaneously. However, it works quickly for the majority of operations like starting up, accessing the web, and uploading files.

Don’t expect high-quality audio, but do anticipate a laptop with a good battery and a unique reflection-reducing screen covering.

Can I use it?

You’ll have a hard time finding a better laptop for the money for less than £500, especially if you want something with a good screen, fantastic battery, user-friendly design, and unbeatable pricing.

Best laptops for less than £700

Lenovo Ideapad 320S (14IKB) (14” laptop)

✔ A quick CPU
✔ A stylish appearance
✔ A reputable laptop brand

✘ The sound is devoid of bass

How comfortable is it to use the Lenovo Ideapad 320S (14IKB)?

The newest i5 Intel Core CPU will be able to manage all of your job responsibilities with ease, and it is extremely quick. You can start working in only eight seconds. This computer is well-made; it has a good touchpad and keyboard, a compact design, and plenty of USB ports.

How do the specifications look?

In a word, fantastic! This laptop is perfect for professional usage because of its thin design, 8GB of RAM, and seven hours of battery life. A megapixel webcam, two Harman speakers, and a full HD anti-glare screen are just a few of the extra features that make using this laptop as delightful as possible.

Can I use it?

The Lenovo Ideapad 320S provides the speed, dependability, and battery that small business owners want. Plus, with a high-quality screen and music system, it may make your workday more fun.

This device, which was made by professionals who want to get the best value for their money in mind, in mind, is currently on sale.

Asus Zenbook UX410UA (GV158T) (14” Notebook)

✔ Excellent HD screen with superb quality
✔ Outstanding performance
✔ A well-rounded design.

✘ The sound may be louder.

How comfortable is it to use the Asus Zenbook UX410UA?

You can tell that Asus creates dependable, high-quality laptops when you use the Zenbook. It boasts an elegant touchpad, a convenient backlit keyboard, and a thin aluminum chassis.

Your everyday tasks will go by quickly thanks to the dependable Core i3 CPU and enough 8 GB of RAM; this quick computer can launch many programs at once and boots up in only nine seconds.

How do the specifications look?

This laptop has incredible specifications. In addition to the lightning-fast CPU, the screen is exceptional (1920 x 1080 is a high pixel count for a cheap laptop), and your eyes will appreciate the convenience after a long day at work.

The audio is adequate (and more than adequate for business use), but it won’t wow you, as with other low- to mid-range laptops. Although you can always connect your own sound system, smaller speakers allow for a great, thin construction. Additionally, you won’t have to worry as much about plug outlets when moving about thanks to the six-hour battery life.

Can I use it?

The Asus Zenbook UX410 is a true find; it offers premium laptop performance, appearance, and feel without the premium price tag.It’s excellent for all of your daily professional responsibilities and, thanks to the high-quality screen and quick CPU, it’s also fantastic for occasional amusement.

Best budget 2-in-1 laptops

Laptops with two functions are sometimes known as convertible or hybrid laptops. This indicates that the screen rotates, enabling them to operate in space-saving “tent” mode or as a tablet.Dell is renowned for producing high-quality business laptops, and its new 2-in-1 line is made for entrepreneurs who want a little more freedom.

Another little-known fact is that Lenovo created convertible laptops, and the company’s products are still regarded as some of the most durable and well made ones available today.

The top hybrid laptops under $500 for small companies and startups are as follows:

Lenovo YOGA 520 14IKB 80X8 (14” convertible)

✔ Quality i3 processor
✔ Stunning design
✔ Great screen

✘ Audio could be better

What is it like to use the Lenovo YOGA 520?

This 2-in-1 laptop is speedy, stylish, and incredibly adaptable. Its 14-inch size makes it suitable for continuous office work, but it’s also small and light enough to be taken anywhere you need to work remotely.

The Intel Core i3 CPU is quick and perfect for all of your Word, Excel, email, and web-related tasks (but take it easy on the gaming).

How do the specifications look?

Amazingly, this screen has such high quality at such a low cost. It is full HD, has a unique coating to shield you from reflections, has a solid touchscreen, and is simple to use in tablet mode.

The average small company owner will get more than enough use out of the battery’s seven-hour duration. The audio is also excellent for working, however, you should probably use your high-fidelity system for the most relaxing music.

Can I use it?

An outstanding hybrid with a fantastic screen is the Lenovo YOGA 520. It’s perfect for busy professionals because to its strong Core i3 CPU, 14-inch screen that is easy on the eyes, and 2-in-1 versatility.You’ll appreciate how little and portable this little gadget is, as well as how comfortable it is to use in tablet mode, if you need your job to fit around your life.

It receives high grades for everything that matters to small company owners, and it’s the greatest convertible laptop for the money we could find.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 (13.3” 2-in-1)

✔ Speedy processor
✔ Flexible design
✔ Excellent screen

✘ Audio is so-so

How well does the Dell Inspiron 13 operate?

This is a quick tiny laptop with a potent quad-core Intel Core i5 processor from the eighth generation. This implies that in addition to being a pleasure to use, it excels at multitasking (even with heavy programs). The touchpad is responsive, and the keyboard is illuminated. Additionally, there are security-enhancing features like face recognition.

How do the specifications look?

The specifications are excellent. You may anticipate an eye-friendly super HD screen, a good camera that can handle professional calls, and a battery life of about six hours.

Although the hybrid’s speakers are adequate, if you really enjoy listening to ambient music, we advise connecting your headphones or high-fidelity system.

Can I use it?

You won’t have many choices if you’re looking for a powerful and portable 2-in-1 laptop that costs less than £700.But with top features like its blisteringly fast quad-core CPU, incredibly smooth trackpad, and high-quality camera, the Dell Inspiron 13 was designed to make workdays less painful.

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