Business photocopier prices

How much do office photocopiers cost?

Beginning at only £100, entry-level commercial photocopiers are suitable for small, home-based businesses, but not always.

At the other end of the spectrum are the commercial photocopiers with all the bells and whistles, which may cost upwards of £20,000 per. Such tools work effectively in business settings that are very competitive and marketed.

Various photocopier costs have been collated by startups, and the list contains a range of machines, from the low-end copy monster to the home office copy friend.

Photocopier typeBest forPrice region
Budget copiersmall start-up businesses, remote employees, and offices with minimal copy requirements.£100 – £150
Free-standing mono (black and white) photocopier priceSmaller businesses or emerging start-ups with a strong need for copies but are ready to forgo quality.£800 – £1,000
Colour photocopy pricesmaller businesses or emerging startups with a significant copy demand.£2,500 – £4,500
High-performance copiersLarger businesses with stringent volume and copy quality needs.£5,000 – £10,000
Industrial photocopiersbusinesses with a lot of copying.£20,000

You should also be aware that secondhand photocopiers will be sold for around half as much as new ones. However, the average life of a photocopier is five to ten years, so avoid spending money on equipment that will become obsolete in a year.

Note: Because photocopiers include scan memory, make sure to remove it before using it to advertise your copier if you’re working with sensitive content.

Brand-specific photocopier prices

For a quick summary of what you may spend on a high-quality photocopier, refer to the pricing range in the above table.

Ricoh Aficio MP2000Monochrome A4 Laser photocopier (basic level)ADF (Automatic Reversing Document Feeder) with a 500 sheet capacity£890
Toshiba e-Studio 2050CMonochrome A4 Laser Photocopier (basic level)100-sheet ARDF (Automatic Reversing Document Feeder)
various sizes of the paper cassette
the sheet-hold capacity of 2,900
Canon imageRUNNER 1730iMonochrome photocopier (high-end)capacity: 2,300 sheets of paper
printing and remote diagnosis through connection
Scan to email functionality

The price range shown in the above table provides a brief overview of what you may pay for a high-quality photocopier.

Costs and features of photocopiers

Today’s high-end photocopiers can “do everything except the dishes,” which means they can do several functions in a single unit.

The main photocopying characteristics are as follows:

Automated binding, stapling, faxing, emailing, scanning, and printing are all examples of image manipulation.

Even while highly functioning multi-function machines may considerably improve everyday office operations, it is vital to consider your needs for a photocopier before making an investment.

Do you need a color or monochrome photocopier? is yet another crucial element to consider.

Black and white copiers are less expensive since you only need to buy one toner and because the underlying technology is a bit simpler. Having color copies and printouts of papers is crucial and should not be overlooked when presenting them to coworkers, business partners, employees, and other audiences.

In any event, be mindful of the ongoing costs associated with purchasing replacement toner cartridges.

Photocopier costs: The unstated costs

It’s essential to take the whole picture into account when looking to buy a photocopier. Initial costs are not always the only thing to take into account because of the enormous technical demands and high maintenance needs of photocopiers.

The ‘hidden’ photocopying costs associated with a midrange copier are listed below:

Additional requirement:Payment frequency:Associated cost:
Full toner cartridgeAnnual£174
Staple refillAnnual£50
Drum cartridge replacementEvery two/three years£350
Scan to PC license (five users)Monthly£10

Note: Your photocopier can unavoidably require more frequent irregular service and costly maintenance. The fact that photocopiers require a lot of energy also means that when making an investment, your power costs should be considered.

In order to maintain the rollers’ heat since they use the hot air to fuse the color toner to the paper, photocopiers need between 200 to 1,300 Watts of electricity when they are actively copying while requiring 40 and 300 Watts when they are in standby mode. Energy costs for a single hour of copy at the highest energy utilization will cost your business £23.11p.

Should I purchase a copier or rent one?

The most important choice to make if you require a copying device is whether or not you want to rent or purchase the machine. Long-term, buying one entirely will provide you complete freedom from costly office supplies, but you’ll also need to make a sizeable down payment. In any case, owning a photocopier lets you use it in whatever you choose and releases you from any contractual responsibilities.

Although leasing is occasionally viewed as an especially cost-effective option, it ultimately offers a false economy because it might provide you access to technology that would have been out of your budget. This is because it’s likely that you’ll end up paying more in leasing fees than you would’ve paid if you had bought the photocopier outright.

Both options have some pros and cons. The primary considerations in the leasing vs. buying discussion are briefly explained below:

Given that photocopier maintenance can cost up to £100 every visit, it could be wise to ask your supplier if they provide a service plan in addition to the price of your selected copier. Note: The lease charge frequently includes all copier-related services and maintenance.

Cost per copy: If you rent a copier, you get a certain number of duplicates that are determined based on the cost of a copy. This indicates that you must pay for every copy as you produce it, which results in a price that is frequently incorporated into a contract if your monthly print quota is surpassed. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay the following prices per copy:
Each copy of a black-and-white document costs between 0.5p and 2p.
Color: starting at 5p

Keep in mind that the costs depicted above depend on the size, age, and kind of machine and were estimated using a standard A4, 80 gsm sheet of white office paper.

The smaller, lower-density devices cost about £25 per month to lease. On the other end of the range, a highly expensive photocopier may set you back several hundred pounds per month.

Leasing also offers a flexible approach and can be suitable for:

arranging a gathering in search of a band-aid
Want high-tech, but because you operate in a transitory setting, you can’t afford the hefty initial expenditure

Following the assessment of business photocopier expenses

In order to get the greatest photocopier for your purposes, whether you want to buy or rent one, you need to take your time to conduct thorough research. Always keep in mind your office’s actual copying requirements, available space, desired copy quality, and realistic expenditure cap.

Obtaining more thorough price quotations directly from trustworthy UK suppliers will help you choose the perfect photocopier for your business’ needs while also likely saving you money.

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